Dueling Banjos – I mean Luthers

Watersblogged has You-tube clips of the “Two Luther’s” at the Diet of Worms.

Interesting that on Reformation we talk about the ninety-five theses, but everyone wants to see Worms.   I think that it would make a better “Reformation Day” than the theses one, though not as good at June 25.  Of course, having it during Saint Michaels-tide makes sense – it is after all an earthly manifestation of the spiritual warfare we all face in this world.

As for my vote – I like Joseph Feinnes better. Why?  Because he is the reluctant reformer.  (His goofy wander-preaching not withstanding)  He clearly does not want to be there, does not want to be confessing, does not want to be putting his life in danger – yet he must.  He is bound to the word of God.  Perhaps I see more of myself in that depiction than in the Nial McGinnis version – who seems angry that they would even ask, and must restrain himself lest he leap across the room.  I’m not sure which is more authentic, but I certainly identify myself more with the reluctant crazy Luther, than the always certain Luther.

And I love the line, “Did you really think there wouldn’t be a cost?”  Words every young seminarian should take to heart.   To be a faithful pastor of the Gospel will entail a cost – and you must be willing (however reluctantly) to pay it.


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