No, I’m not.  And my good friend Father John Fenton explains why I won’t :

Orthodoxy is not what makes a Lutheran a better Lutheran, or enables a Lutheran to live his Lutheranism more fully while in communion with the Church. Rather, Orthodoxy requires that a Lutheran embrace fully the Orthodox faith.

If there were an orthodox Lutheran Church, I might be tempted.  But I simply can not see going against the Augustana and abandoning the Small Catechism.  I do agree that the reformation needs to begins with the “man in the mirror.”  But that does not mean that the church itself can not descend into heresy.  As I understand it, that is the Orthodox view of what happened to Rome.  Of course, Rome says the same about the Orthodox.  If you want to go by the one with the most numbers, then Rome must be right.  If you want to go by the one with the coolest beards, then Orthodoxy is correct.  If you want the one with the best beer – mmmm, beer – then Lutheranism.  If you want the one with the best AV, I recommend E- Free.   For the best use of old world tools, the Amish will do.

My point is that each claims to be right.  Claiming “we can trace back to…” doesn’t really give Orthodoxy a leg up on RC because RC can go back to Peter and Paul – and then misuse that ancient connection.

I’m still caught up in Law and Gospel, sin and grace.  Until that ends, I can’t abandon the church of the Reformation, no matter how ridiculous the people in it may act.

Though I can see why he wouldn’t celebrate Reformation anymore.  It only makes sense.


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