Group Participation

For this post, I need some group participation. My congregation just bought a new widescreen TV and Blu-ray player (Thrivent : Matching funds so churches can buy stuff they don’t need.) But we have not even a DVD to play on it.
Luther Movie is only available on DVD, and we will get it. I was thinking of getting Narnia as well. Here is the group participation part of the program :
Can anyone think of movies with a clearly Christian worldview (whether they are explicitly Biblical or not) that would be good for the church to own.
The only other movie that even comes close is Tale of Desperaux. What say you? They need not be children’s movies, but should be wholesome enough for 5-6 graders to see. (Nothing past about PG, unless there is a good reason – Luther is PG-13).
What say you, all of my blog reader?

One Response to “Group Participation”

  1. The animated Beauty and the Beast (1991) might be good.

    The Rookie (2002) – this was rated G but adult-friendly.

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