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You might be in the Wyoming District if…

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A new feature. It highlights the joys and wonders of being a member of the Wyoming District.
Today’s installment :
If you begin your youth catechesis class with stories about the elk you killed, and they all respond with their own hunting stories, you might be in the Wyoming District.


Reformation Sermon

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Morals FAIL

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I recently had a conversation with a member of a Baptist church. The pastor there had been removed fora “moral failing” (Code for an affair.) In the Lutheran Church we speak of “being removed for cause.” When such a thing happens, the man is deemed “unfit.” No comment is ever made about his morals, simply his fitness for ministry. In my first parish the pastor had been forced to resign because of unfitness, yet some members of the congregation thought that he should remain.
Therein lies the difference between an historic and a baptistic understanding of office. The historic understanding of office is that a man is either fit or unfit. The qualifications are laid out in scripture. If he violates those, he is unfit. No talk of moral failure for a very simple reason : If that were the qualifier, no one could serve. Not that every man cheats on his wife, but every man is a sinner.
The idea that a pastor is removed for a “moral failing” means that, with the right sort of sorrow over sin, the church must let him back in. Why? Because he has gotten past his moral failure, and been forgiven. No more moral failing.
The historic understanding is that certain actions disqualify a man from office, and therefore make him ineligible to hold that office. Regret, confession, absolution, all fine, but the fitness is still not there.
That’s the difference between being removed for moral failure and being removed for cause.
You see, words matter. We speak the way we do because of the things we believe.

Sermon for Trinity19

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Headline on Drudge, “Director Polanski feels depressed in jail; Lawyer worried about state of mind…:”
I hear that Champagne and Quaaludes are a great solution for people who complain too much.

Sermon for Pastor’s Conference

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Some comments about this sermon:

  1. Each circuit takes turns preaching at our conferences.  It was the turn of the High Plain’s Circuit.  I was told by my Circuit COUNSELOR (Grr.  Stupid District Convention) that I would be preaching.  I said I wouldn’t be there.  He said I would.  Turns out he is better at predicting the future than I am.
  2. The sermon has been slightly altered so that I no longer say that Mary saves us.  (Don’t even ask – of all the times to misstate something so badly…)
  3. My favorite comment came from the son of one of our pastors : Cats and Dogs don’t wear makeup.
  4. This sermon represents that “shotgun approach” to sermon writing : Talk about everything, so that everyone will get something from it.

With all of those disclaimers, go ahead and listen.  Or read.  Or whatever.

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Funeral Sermon For Elsie Jessen

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