Bueller… Bueller

For those of you that remember Ferris Beuller, the scene with Ben Stein has him discussing the what?  Anyone… Anyone… The Smoot-Hawley Tarrif.  And was it helpful in ending the depression?  Anyone… Anyone… It did not work, and the US fell further into depression.

Well, now that the “stimulus” has managed to raise unemployment to the highest figure in a generation, now that congress is trying to emulate the fine lack of care our Canadian friends to the north enjoy, (and some of then are speaking favorably about Cuban medicine!) we have the excellent news that the President is trying to Smoot-Hawley our way out of things.

Has anyone in the Executive or Legislative branches ever studied history, or for that matter, ever paid attention to some very basic laws of economics?  Anyone… Anyone…

HT : Volokh Conspiracy


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