The Bible Was Right!

I’ve always been impressed that scripture contains nothing that contradicts “science”.  Of course, the miracles (virgin birth, resurrection, etc.) do, but scripture knows that, and indentifies them as specific examples of GOd’s work in the world.

What I mean is, there is no observation about the world that contradicts what we know of the world.  This may seem obvious, but it is a luxury unknown in other religions.  For example, the Hindu religion says that the world is on the back of an elephant.  Mormonism tells am historical tale which simply didn’t happen, etc.

But scripture is accurate, down to this, that the way so-called scientists say the earth evolved is the same order that scripture outlines the creation.  In other words, the evolutionist will concede that there were sees before land, small animals before large, fish before apes, and apes before humans.  The difference between us is in the length of time and the source of the species.

Now, there is a book – written by an evolutionary biologist – that examines this phenomenon.  Click here for the citation in National Review.  And Here for the Amazon page. (Available in October)

As an aside, even our Lutheran Confessions say things, simply by way of example, which are scientifically innacurate.  What are the odds that the bible, written thousands of years before, agrees with what we know of hte world?  So remote that even an evolutionary biologist concludes there was a divine hand in writing it.

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