End of an Era

John Hughes died. Kind of strange to say “end of an era” when he last directed in 1991 – and that was “Curly Sue”.
But “Uncle Buck”, “Ferris Bueller”, and many others pretty much defined the 1980’s. The era of greed, excess, and pointless music. When our enemies were easy to spot, and the answer to every geography question in Trivial Pursuit was “The Soviet Union.”
Movies like his are already missed by me.

One Response to “End of an Era”

  1. Ted Badje Says:

    Hey, I liked some of the 80’s music (The Cars, J. Guiles Band). It was good pop fluff. I also like some of Keith Green, so I am not a total heathen. I liked John Hughes pics, but have to say some of the catchphrases from these got old quick.

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