Best of the Old Blog : Required Reading

This should be required reading for all pastoral candidates.

Dr. Marquardt’s article on “Liturgical Commonplaces”, written in 1978, already foresaw all of the liturgical problems which we face today.

If you haven’t read it, it is worth your time.  (And it doesn’t take too much of that.)


2 Responses to “Best of the Old Blog : Required Reading”

  1. IggyAntiochus Says:

    Excellent article. Theological, yet practical.

    We need to learn the great hymns, yet there is a place for other hymnody as well.

    Marquardt writes:

    …what sounds majestic when sung by
    thousands in a Gothic cathedral, may sound merely ludicrous
    when attempted by seventeen people to the funereal wailings of
    an electronic organ-simulator. The church must cultivate living
    devotion, not exquisite museum-pieces to delight sophisticated
    musical palates. It is better, therefore, to sing “My Faith
    Looks Up To Thee” with zest and gusto, than to devastate a
    great hymn like “Isaiah Mighty Seer” by stumbling painfully
    and clumsily about its craggy grandeur. This is not to suggest
    by any means that the old treasures should now be abandoned.
    The question must, however, be handled with some discretion.

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