Best of The Old Blog : Richard Dawkins Doesn’t Get It.

I was in Barnes and Noble today, and I found Richard Dawkins new book, “The God Delusion”, written against intelligent design. He allegedly proves that the universe is simply an accident. I only read a few bits, but apparently his argument against intelligent design goes like this :

Yes, getting a specific bit of information at random if you start over each time is impossible. But if you “Save” the best bits of information for the next round, then you can achieve the information you seek randomly after only about 50-75 “generations”.

The problem with this theory is that :

1) Some outside force determines which information should be saved for the next round.

2) At each step of the process, until very late in the game, the “information” is useless (he himself admits this, but ignores the implications). That is, it performs no useful function. One of the important critera for natural selection is survival of the fittest. Not sure how his example proves this. (It’s not enough to prove “random order” or “natural selection”. You must also prove that the two can work together.)

3) He hasn’t begun to prove that genetic information is at all similar to his computer model to construct a sentence using only intelligent randomness. (Michael Behe proves just the opposite in his latest book.)

4) He argues that the appearance of order in our universe is actually random. Any one bit would be ordered (if everything could fly) but because some things fly, some swim, some walk, there is randomness. Or perhaps just a grand ordering.

After reading only a few pages, I am convinced. In fact, I have a new theory. Stonehenge is actually caused by random forces of nature, like the “old man of the mountain” in New Hampshire. I think that some sort of earthquake broke loose the rocks in exactly rectangular shapes. Then, through millions of years of earthquakes, floods, etc. the stones found there way half way across England. Finally, a strong wind at some point set them up just as we see them today, lined up with the solstices..

Now to be fair, I realize that there are a lot of other unexplained circles of rocks in the world. I’m not at all saying those were formed in this way. I still don’t know how they got there. But, in all the world, it isn’t too much to say that at least one of them was formed this way.

In a similar vein, I have attached a piece of aluminum foil to my wall, and have hooked up a power cord to it. It’s my new big screen TV. Again, I don’t recommend that everyone try it, but given all the people in the world, it has to work for at least one of us. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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