Not even subtle racism

Justice Ginsberg, one of the paragons of liberalism, is quoted in the New York Times this Sunday as saying that abortion limits  ‘Populations That We Don’t Want to Have Too Many Of’.  While this is chilling, and I am sure she doesn’t realize the racism in this statement (although, seriously, how can you not, given the overwhelming number of minority abortions), it really is no surprise for those of us familiar with the history of Planned Parenthood.  It turns out that “women’s rights” is still just code for “Get rid of the (insert your favorite prejudice here) people”.

It reminds me of the South Park, where all the rich people : Kobe Bryant, 50 Cent, Will Smith, etc. come to South Park, and the town decides that they have to get rid of all the… rich people.  At the end, Mr Garrison says what was on everyone’s mind the whole time : “At least we got rid of the ###”.

Perhaps someday, we will realize the incredible racial genocide that goes with abortion.  When that happens, we can either simply “do the job right”, or we can finally outlaw this atrocity, remembering the old Sunday School song, “red and yellow black and white, they are precious in his sight, Jesus love the little children of the world.”

Ironically, I suppose that would be considered politically incorrect, but the idea of killing the “populations we don’t want to have too many of” is simply good “bleeding heart” liberalism in action.

I just don’t get the world.


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