Newsletter article.

I didn’t have anything better to write about for my church newsletter, so I thought I would solve the health care crisis.

Here is what I said :

As I write this, summer is half over.  The big item in the news is “Health Care.”  Will the government reform it, or not?  Will the government take a more active role?  What will happen, and how will it affect us?

I don’t know.

In one of the prayers for the sick, we call God “the great physician of body and soul, you chasten and you heal”.  In other we say, “In your ministry you healed many with frail and diseased bodies.”  In the first article, we confess that, “God made me and all creatures, that he has given me a body and soul, eyes ears and all my members, me reason and all my senses, and still preserves them.”

Almost a decade and a half ago, the rising cost of health care was called “unsustainable.”  At that time, everyone knew that something needed to be done, but government intervention quickly became unpopular.  Now, given rising costs, another effort is being made.  Again, I don’t know if it will be successful, or if it will not, I don’t know if it will help or not.  I know two things :

Costs can not continue to rise forever.  Once they reach 100% of our national economy, they can go no higher.

I also know that, whatever happens, God is in control of lives and our health.  The psalmist says that we are “fearfully and wonderfully” made by God, who knit us together in our mother’s womb.  Yet we spend so much of our time and energy fighting declining health.  Why?  Very simple :


We are sinners.  The wages of sin is death. And so there will always be sickness and disease.  There will always by people dying, as long as we are in this world.  Our own bodies bear the marks of sin.  The wrinkles and increasing health problems all remind us that we are sinners, and we need life.

But we don’t need the sort of life that earthly medicine gives.  (Although that is obviously important)  What we really need is the life that Christ gives.  The new life that goes beyond the things of this world.  One of the ways the church describes the sacrament of the altar is “the medicine of immortality.”  It gives life that goes beyond death.  It is, as our Lord says, “Food that does not spoil.”

Many get upset and worked up about the health care debate now raging in Washington.  Many get upset about the state of health care as it is now.  I’ve never met anyone who actually likes dealing with health insurance and hospital bills.

Remember though, that all of this only offers life in this world – which Saint Paul compared to a “dim reflection in a mirror.”  The true life that we will finally see at the resurrection of the dead, is the life God intended for us all along – a life with no sin, no death, no decay.  It is a life that lasts forever, where we will no longer be enemies of God, no longer tempted by Satan and our own sinful flesh.  It will be a life beyond anything we can imagine.

That’s the sort of life Jesus gives to you, through his death and resurrection.

So what are we to do? “Do not worry about tomorrow”.  Rather, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart.”  This is the path of wisdom, of peace, and of life.

In Jesus, who is the source of life.


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