A Vaudeville Routine? Sadly, No.

The local funeral chapel will sometimes handle the gratuity for funerals (pass on money given by the family, not pay money). When they do, I am given a check, with a note to be sent back to the family :
“The honorarium given me through XXXX funeral Homes as a token of your appreciation for my efforts at the time of your sorrow is sincerely appreciated. It was most kind of you.”
Important rule of etiquette # 1357 : Don’t send a tank you note in response to a thank you note – whether the note contained something of tangible value or not.
I appreciate your appreciation? Seriously? It sounds like the start of some sort of Abbot and Costello routine :
Abbot : I sure appreciate it.
Costello : Well, I appreciate you appreciating it.
Abbot : You don’t have to appreciate my appreciation. Next thing you know, I’ll have to thank you for thanking me.
Costello : Well, if you did that, I’d thank you.
Abbot : For what?
Costello : For thanking me thanking you.
Abbot : You’d thank me for thanking you for thanking me?
Costello : Yes.
Abbot : Well that’s very nice of you.
Costello : Well thank you.
Abbot : Don’t you think that’s overdoing it a bit?
Costello : Over doing it?
Abbot : Yes, don’t you think it might get a bit confusing?
Costello : Absolutely, I don’t even know what I’m talking about!
Abbot and Costello (in unison) : Third Base!

PS. If you missed it, the thank you note contains six prepositional phrases in a row. Now that’s something to appreciate. Third Base!


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