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I forgot to post.  For about two weeks.



What’s the point?

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Today, my children brought home everything that might be used for learning at school : Three binders full for Amelia.
School isn’t out until tomorrow.
They will be learning what?

Sermon for Rogate

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Confession is good… for the other guy’s soul

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“When I encourage you to go to confession, I am only encouraging you to be a Christian.” Luther.
“We don’t need this.” Every Lutheran since then.

Book review.

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I actually reviewed a book a couple years ago : Senn’s monumental “History of the Liturgy.”

For those who would like to read my review, it is available after the jump.  I am told that the publisher really liked it.  The review was published in “Liturgy Hymnody and Pulpit Quarterly Book Review”, published by the Worship Committee of the Wyoming District.

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This is awesome.

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A great post on people who play at marriage.

I like that she points out how insulting it is – I think we should move in together.  In other words, “I want you to put out regularly, but don’t love you enough to marry you.”  Absolutely true.

Why is it that girls are impressed with this offer?  Because they are lied to.  They are led to believe that this is necessary.  It’s like the guy who says, “I love you, but if you won’t have sex with me, I will break up with you.”

No, he doesn’t love you.  He is a dog who is looking for a tree to hump.  If you aren’t there, a different tree will do.  It is degrading.  The so-called sexual revolution convinced women that they had to put out to get a man.  But in doing so, it made men value women less, not more.  Now, we don’t even have to worry about getting her pregnant.  We can rut at will, and there are no consequences (for us).   If she does, it’s her problem.  As the author of the blog above said in a different post, men just have to hug her and say, “I’ll support whatever you decide.”  Ta-Da!  Off the hook, and off to hump something else.

None of this is new, and all can be found better written somewhere else, so just lick the link above and read.  Destined to be a classic.

Baptismal Necessity

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Is Baptism necessary?  I recall learning at the seminary that it is necessary, but not absolutely necessary.  That is, it is necessary for a person to be baptized if they are to be a Christian.  But that, in an emergency, the lack of baptism will not damn a person.

The example that is always used is the thief on the cross.  He was never baptized.  The second example is if a man is stranded in the desert and has no water, but comes to faith. (He found a bible lying in the sand, perhaps?)

While the former has occured, (Luke 19) I haven’t ever heard of the letter occurring.  (Not to say it hasn’t.)

Anyway, the question still arises, how necessary is Baptism?  To which I say : Very.

Here is my rule of thumb :

Anyone who receives the gift of faith while being crucified is excused from Holy Baptism.  Otherwise, see you at the font.